Is This Just A Rehash Of Alien? | Life – Trailer #2

Is This Just A Rehash Of Alien? | Life – Trailer #2

When astronauts investigate the first evidence of life on Mars, it all starts to go horribly wrong!

Who doesn’t love a classic haunted house style film set in outer space? Some would argue that Alien, released in 1979, did it best. There have been many imitations since but none have come close.

So what does Life have to offer to make that any different? To be honest we don’t yet know.

All we do know is that a scientific probe has returned from Mars, many were sent, this is the first to return. As the scientists on board the space station start to investigate evidence of life on Mars, the specimen starts to grow rapidly in size. Before long the whole crew are in danger.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, this certainly looks interesting, but what will make the film unique? We’ll find out in March.

Title: Life

Release | US: 24th March | UK: 24th March | World: IMDb

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