LEGO Invades UK Television

LEGO Invades UK Television

The new LEGO movie has opened in the US to great box office success, but as of writing it has not opened here in the UK. Warner Bros. decided to do something a little different with their marketing campaign.

On Sunday 9th February, during one ITV’s most popular programs, Dancing On Ice, there was a LEGO invasion during one of the commercial breaks. Every advert was recreated in LEGO bricks. These weren’t mock commercials but recreations of advertisements that had been running on UK television for some time now.

It was interesting to see how well some of the commercials had made the transition into LEGO form. If you missed it, don’t worry as Warner Bros have placed the entire commercial break onto YouTube.

The LEGO Movie has already opened in the US and opens in the UK on 14th February.

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