LEGO | Top Five Biggest Sellers Of 2015

LEGO | Top Five Biggest Sellers Of 2015

Danish toy giants LEGO have released their 2015 Annual Results with a flurry of stats and figures. But what were their top five selling sets of the year?

Everybody’s favourite, LEGO, continues to go from strength to strength, year on year with 2015 being no exception. The longstanding Danish company has released their Annual Results which are available for all to download from their website.

Gamer MinifigThe financials are impressive with a tenth consecutive year of growth showing a Net profit margin of 25.6% equating to almost 9.2 Billion Danish Krone (7 Billion in 2014), that’s approximately £9.6 Billion.

It’s good news on their employment figures too with their average number of full-time employees growing from 12,582 in 2014 to 13,974 in 2015, the majority of which are based in Europe.

Along with the figures come some impressive stats – The company sold over 72 Billion bricks, 675 Million miniature tyres and 725 minifigures. Across their ranges Duplo, Star Wars, Friends, City and Ninjago formed the top five.

But what were the top five selling sets in 2015? It looks like Disney tie-ins had a lot to do with LEGO’s success last year (Admission: I am guilty of buying the number one seller – For my daughter!!!).

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