Loading: MC Lars – The Video Game

Loading: MC Lars – The Video Game

Looking for a new game to play? Forget The Last Guardian and check out Nerdcore rapper, MC Lars’ very own video game!

I haven’t had a lot of time for gaming lately and for those of you that know me, you’ll know PS4, XBox One etc. aren’t really for me. Sure, the games look amazing and I’m sure they are good once you get into them but for me it’s simple –  make it pixelated,  give me two buttons and if you can chuck in a good soundtrack too then that’s a bonus.

Does the Lars video game do that? Are you serious?! You bet it does!

The story is that Lars has been captured by agents from the evil record industry who are trying to turn him against his own music. Each level is based on a different Lars track incorporating newer stuff from the Zombie Dinosaur LP as well as classics such as Space Game and Guitar Hero Hero. The game itself, made by the guys at Synersteel Studios, is simple in design but hard enough even for a seasoned retro gamer like myself. It’s a side-scrolling runner with only two commands – jump and attack. You need to jump to collect NES cartridges for points and also to avoid bad guys though you can attack them and other obstacles in your way too. The chorus of each track then gives you the ability to fly through the air and collect as many cartridges as possible.

The other added touch to this which is pretty darn clever, is the way in which the level’s obstacles and cartridges are laid out – they match the rhythm for that song. For example, there might be 3 hurdles in your way and if you listen for the beat of the track you can be sure you’ll clear them just by jumping or attacking in time. Just channel your inner Kerouac and you’ll be fine!

This isn’t the sort of game you’re going to sit and play for hours on end but it is great to pick up and play a few levels if you got some spare time and would actually probably be great on a mobile platform. The one thing that will give this game longevity though is how hard it is to keep hold of those precious points. Each level has a possible 3 stars you can achieve based on your score at the end and those stars can be used to unlock characters. There are plenty of cartridges to boost your score but if you get hit even once you’re going to lose all your points and I cannot tell you how close I was to finishing a level with over 1000 points to end it with just 170 or so. You know what though? It just means I have to go back and listen to a favourite track and do it all over again. If you’re going to listen to those tracks anyway, why not do it while playing a game too?

The game is out today (18th September) but if you want to check it out before you buy it why not check out the MC Lars Let’s Play video and watch the man himself, play himself at his own game. Alternatively more info will be available at www.mclars.com/game/ including how to help Greenlight the game for Steam.


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