Mad Max In A Paintball Fury

Mad Max In A Paintball Fury

Watch this alternative version of Mad Max Fury Road, swapping out huge muscle cars for go karts and paint-ball guns for real bullets!

‘Mad Max Fury Road’ has been one of the surprise hits of the year critically with everyone praising the glorious action contained within the film. Both Will and I reviewed the film and you can read those reviews here on this very site (Mad Max Fury Road review by John / Will).

September 1st is the release date for Mad Max the video game (EU date is the 4th) which looks to expand on the universe created by the latest film. We’ve already showcased a couple of the trailers released to promote the game and its looking to be a rather fine piece of entertainment.

To boost awareness Warner Brothers Games sponsered Devin Graham to go make a short film, he came back with ‘Mad Max GoKart Paintball War’!

Watch this great short below and there is also a behind the scenes video as well.



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