Mannequin Eater Is A Scary Mix Of Electronic Hip-Hop And Metal

Mannequin Eater Is A Scary Mix Of Electronic Hip-Hop And Metal

Manikineter – Mannequin Eater. Carl Kavorkian presents an minimalist experimental side project that blends genres.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  | Vocalist and producer Carl Kavorkian finds a brutal streak with his new side project ‘Manikineter’ and the resulting release titled Mannequin Eater.

Experimenting with minimalist instrumentation, each track consists of heavy, distorted bass and thunderous drums combined with vocals that flip between rap and guttural metal growls. Kavorkian’s lyrics focus on mature topics including aging and the trials of getting by on a budget and the things we take for granted.

Consisting of five tracks, Mannequin Eater is available to download via bandcamp as a ‘name your price’ release. You can also pre-order a limited edition cassette that comes with two pins for $10.

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About Mannequin Eater | Loud. Abrasive. Mental. Music. A four word preface into the sound of Manikineter, the side project of Carl Kavorkian. Bringing together the essence of various adrenaline inducing genres, this noise rap project is described as an evolving experiment in crushing drums, heavy sounds, manipulated vocals and translucent streams of consciousness. Lyrically putting less emphasis on “bars” and more concentration on stirring emotions and simply rocking the fuck out.

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