Too Many T’s Create A New Track Featuring… Alexa?

Too Many T’s Create A New Track Featuring… Alexa?

British hip-hop duo, Too Many T’s enlist the help of Amazon’s Echo home assistant, Alexa. Turns out she’s got mad skills.

Too Many T’s love a stunt, the pair made, possibly, the world’s first Facebook live rap video last year. Now they’re enlisting the help of Amazon’s smart home assistant, Alexa, to boost their music careers.

It turns out that, as well as providing untold nuggets of wisdom, Alexa can pull off a decent melody with autotune. Watch as Leon Rhymes and Standaloft bust out lyrics accompanied by Amazon’s home assistant.

If you have your own Amazon Echo smart speaker, or similar product loaded with Alexa, you can play along too. Well, Alexa can. Put your device near your speakers and play this ‘Home Version‘ of the video, and hear a live rendition.

The beat is provided by  DJ Savage Henry. Read our review of Too Many T’s most recent album ‘South City’ here.

About Too Many T’s | Too Many T’s have built up a strong fan base with their electric performances and positive vibes stage shows, touring all over the UK over the last four years. They have supported some of hip-hop’s greats including Snoop Dogg, Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul and Public Enemy.

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