Marc With A C | Where’s My Giant Robot? | Video

Marc With A C | Where’s My Giant Robot? | Video

With the third single from his recent album ‘Unicorns Get More Bacon’ Marc With A C asks a not unreasonable question – Where’s My Giant Robot?

Marc With A C presents the third single to be taken from his recent album Unicorns Get More Bacon. As is commonly found in the lyrics on the album Marc uses his natural talent for presenting every day events in a whimsical way tinged with light hearted sarcasm.

The video was created by Tim Labonte and depicts a cute visual story of the everyday life and reminiscent, lost love told with simple animation with vintage style robots.

Unicorns Get More Bacon is available as either a digital download or vinyl edition from Marc With A C’s bandcamp page.

About Marc With a C – Marc With a C is the musical identity of Marc Sirdoreus. He was born at a very young age. Marc makes pop music in small, DIY ways, cobbling together any available instruments and recording gear to capture the excitement of the moment – but only using enough sound to serve the song itself. Marc is a prolific songwriter that rarely tours. Folks can expect oodles of sarcasm, sweaty pop workouts, singalongs and stories that sometimes have a point.

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