[MCM Comic-Con London] Channel 4’s Hit Sci-Fi Show ‘Humans’ Returns

[MCM Comic-Con London] Channel 4’s Hit Sci-Fi Show ‘Humans’ Returns

‘Humans’ returns this weekend for a second season and we got a sneaky peek at some extra scenes at MCM Comic-Con London.

‘Humans’ was a surprise hit for Channel 4 last year. Set in a parallel present where busy families are able to purchase robotic humans, known as ‘Synths’, which are designed to perform mundane tasks, cook, clean and even act as childcare. The Hawkins family get more than they bargained for when their synth turns out to have an alternative persona and holds a significant secret within her coding.

The second season will pick up where the first left off. Synths have become self aware and are converging under the guidance of Leo (Played by Colin Morgan), the leader of an underground movement that circulated the code hidden with Anita, the Hawkins’ Synth, enabling synths across the globe to become self aware.

The MCM Comic-Con panel introduced Sonya Cassidy who will play a new Synth (pictured) alongside returning cast members Ivanno Jeremiah (Max),Tom Goodman-Hill (Joe Hawkins) and Ruth Bradley (D.I. Karen Voss). Also in attendance were the shows Director, Writers and Producer.

Bolstering the cast for season two further is the inclusion of Carrie-Anne Moss who became a household name in ‘the Matrix’ trilogy and most recently played a prominent role in Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Netflix series.

Exclusive preview footage was shown at the MCM panel which sets up a further dilemma for the Hawkins family as humans begin to lose their livelihoods to synths and the children struggle to come to terms with life after Anita. Anita played by Gemma Chan was very much central to the story in season one. In this second season she looks set to take on her own struggles as she develops a strong emotional attachment.

A secondary plot will revolve around a group known as Synthies. Humans infatuated with and in awe of Synths to a the extent that they attempt to imitate the real thing.

Humans returns with eight new episodes beginning on Channel 4 this evening at 9pm and will air in the U.S. on AMC.

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