McQueen’s In Trouble! | Cars 3 (Teaser)

McQueen’s In Trouble! | Cars 3 (Teaser)

Pixar Studios returns to the Cars franchise, however, it doesn’t look good for Lightning McQueen!

As a father of two young boys, I’ve seen the first two Cars films from Pixar many, many, times over. When you see the films that many times, I found it interesting how my opinions of the two films changed.

In a complete reversal, I now find the second film with its spy plot more entertaining that the original film which feels slow in comparison.

Very little is known about this third film except that Lightning McQueen, voiced again by Owen Wilson, is now a veteran racer who participates in different contests around the country with his friend, Cruz Ramirez. A voice artist for Ramirez has yet to be revealed.

This first teaser shows us very little but yet the animation looks more realistic than previous entries in the franchise. Also, you can’t deny the overall tone of the piece which comes across as rather grim. Maybe this is a clever bait and switch piece of marketing by Disney?

Title: Cars 3

Release | US: 16th June | UK: 14th July | World: IMDb



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