Mega Ran’s Mega-Lo-Mania Is Headed To Netflix

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Mega Ran’s Mega-Lo-Mania Is Headed To Netflix

About this time last year Mega Ran released a short film documenting his tour with backup from live band The Lo Classics, now there’s the director’s cut, and it’s coming to Netflix.

With a mutual respect and similar interests, Mega-Lo-Mania documents the collaborative tour undertaken by video game rapper Random aka Mega Ran and talented band The Lo Classics. More used to performing with a single producer/DJ or solo with a laptop the challenge of performing with a live band proved an exiting prospect. Follow the band through rehearsals, find out more about their individual personalities and see live footage as they tour the U.S.

I caught up with Mega Ran in London shortly after the original release of Mega-Lo-Mania and the rapper explained that the original cut was too short to be considered for streaming sites but that there was plenty more footage that would be worked into an extended cut. Now dubbed the Director’s cut the new longer version of the documentary will feature┬áinterviews with indie hip-hop legend MURS, nerdcore icon MC Frontalot, Grammy award-winning composer Christopher Tin, and chiptune/rock performer Danimal Cannon. As a feature length film the new cut also qualifies for entry into film festivals.

Mega-Lo-Mania: The Director’s Cut is due to hit Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and more but you can also pre-order the 60 minute film now via bandcamp.

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