A Mini SEGA Mega Drive On The Way This September

A Mini SEGA Mega Drive On The Way This September

As Nintendo announce that they will no longer produce the NES Classic, reports suggest a Mini SEGA Mega Drive is finally on the way.

With retro gaming in the ascendency and in the wake of high demand for Nintendo’s recently discontinued NES Classic, now seems like the perfect time for SEGA to step back into the fold and stir up nostalgia for the console wars of an era past. And that might actually happen, kind of.

SEGA as a hardware maker isn’t really a thing anymore with the manufacturing of handheld versions and clones of their consoles being licensed out to a number of companies in different global regions.

The closest we’ve come in recent years to an actual classic SEGA console was a replica Genesis marketed exclusively for the Brazilian market by Tectoy announced at the end of 2016.

One of the more successful manufacturers of SEGA clones is AtGames who shift plenty of handheld and micro-sized consoles pre-loaded with classic Mega Drive games. Whilst it’s fun to play those old games, Nintendo’s success with the NES Classic showed us that the experience would be a whole lot better if the console resembles the original.

Mini Mega Drive

It seems like AtGames have been paying attention. seganerds.com reports that the company will be launching the ‘Mini Mega Drive’ based on the aesthetic of the original 16bit SEGA console in 2017.

The system should boast 85 pre-loaded games, the ability to play original cartridges, wireless controllers and 720p high definition provided via HDMI.

The official title of the console is still up for some debate. The package artwork (above) that surfaced on the Atari Age forums suggests that the console will follow the naming precedent of other AtGames products and come marketed as the ‘Mega Drive Flashback’. However, French gaming site reference-gaming.com already has the console available for pre-order listed as the ‘Mega Drive Mini’. Who knows?

What we do know is that the site shows a list price of €79.99 which includes a €10.00 discount for ordering early. the Mini Mega Drive will be available from September 15th.

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