Montgomery Scott Whiskey Is The Latest Star Trek Inspired Liquor

Montgomery Scott Whiskey Is The Latest Star Trek Inspired Liquor

Star Trek’s infamous engineer Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott has been immortalised in a fine Blended Scotch Whiskey.

James Doohan portrayed ‘Scotty’ on-screen in both Star Trek the original television series and on the big screen as the crew of the Enterprise explored the depths of space in their big screen adventures.

Montgomery Scott WhiskeyThe character’s legacy lives on with Simon Pegg taking the role for the more recent re-imagining of Star Trek kick-started by J.J. Abrams.

Whilst neither actor was born in Scotland – Doohan was born in Canada, Pegg is very much English – Montgomery ‘ Scotty’ Scott was always definitely portrayed as such.

Fitting then that a liquor bearing the character’s name should be a blended scotch whiskey – “Distilled in Glasgow from one of the most awarded distilleries in Scotland, this 3-year-old blended whisky is exceptionally smooth with just a very slight smoky note”.

Montgomery Scott Blended Scotch Whisky honors this extraordinary man and his extraordinary accomplishments with an authentic beverage, hand crafted and lovingly distilled in Scotland from the finest malted barley“.

Pre-orders are open now with a 750ml bottle costing $49.95. Limited quantities are available and shipping is due to begin in March 2019.

‘Montgomery Scott’ is the latest Star Trek inspired liquor in a range that already includes ‘James T. Kirk‘ and ‘Ten Forward‘ vodka.


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