Move Over Max, It’s Mad Sheila!

Move Over Max, It’s Mad Sheila!

A trailer appears online for the latest “mockbuster” movie from Japan. Can you guess the inspiration?

In America there is a low-budget film studio known as The Asylum. They’re most famous for knocking out films to DVD to cash in on the latest blockbuster movies.

Examples include Atlantic Rim, Transmorphers, The Terminators and The Pirates of Treasure Island. You should check out the full list here as these guys keep themselves very busy!

But it’s not just America that has this tradition. The latest mockbuster from Japan has garnered a sizable reputation due to the film that has “inspired” it!

This is Mad Sheila: Virgin Road which has just started streaming on the Chinese VOD service, TenCent Video. A sequel already shot entitled Mad Shelia: Revenge of the Road, will follow next year.

The films follow the adventures of Xi Liya, a bounty hunter who wanders the desert disguised as a man. When she encounters a coterie of virgins about to be sold to steampunk-looking warlords, she must fight to rescue them.

Mad Max: Fury Road was never released in Chinese cinemas due to the strict guidelines from the Chinese government’s State Administration of Press (SAPPRFT). Mad Sheila may satisfy some of that Mad Max hunger Chinese fans have been craving for despite looking like the results of fun with a camera at a cosplay weekend!

Even the poster is rather cheekily “inspired” by the original!

Mad Sheila


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