Movie Preview | February 2015

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Movie Preview | February 2015

February is upon us and pickings are slim in cinemas this month, but what’s new for a nerdy audience this month? Read on dear friend… read on.

Jupiter Ascending – 6th (UK & US)

The Wachowskis present the long-awaited, visually stunning epic that is Jupiter Ascending, unfortunately the opinion of critics so far is that the movie suffers seriously from a case of style over substance.

Seventh Sun – 6th (US)

Whilst almost the entire world will get to see Seventh Sun starring Jeff Bridges and Kit Harrington in February, us Brits must hold tight until the end of March. Expect a fantasy tale full of mysticism.

Project Almanac – Out Now (US) 20th (UK)

Warning! Michael Bay is behind this teen time-travel plot, and yet I’m curious as to how well this movie will be received. The concept revolves around a teen viewing old video of his childhood when he spots the reflection of his present self in a mirror in the footage. Previously titled Welcome To Yesterday this movie has been a long time coming.

Kingsman – Out Now (UK) 13th (US)

Wildly varying release dates apply to this movie around the world, so check local listings. Based on the work of comic book author Mark Millar and with some of the team behind Kick-Ass involved the plot follows the journey of an undesirable given the opportunity to enlist for the secret service. Farcical, don’t expect anything too smart but do expect graphic violence and crass humour.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 – 20th (US)

It almost feels like you’re travelling back in time if you live in the UK and want to catch Hot Tub Time Machine 2 at the cinema because you’ll have to wait two months longer than US moviegoers. Alas, I suspect that if you’ve seen HTTM1 then you’ve pretty much seen HTTM2. Just a theory.


The Lazarus Effect – 27th (US)

The Lazarus Effect enjoys only a limited release with no date set for the UK at this time. Olivia Wylde stars in this horror where a discovery allows for people to be brought back from the dead. But with what consequence?

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