The Unheard Nerd debuts new and exclusive music and videos.

Doug Funnie – Homecoming Preview

The Unheard Nerd exclusively previews three tracks from Doug Funnie’s new album Homecoming which drops on February 10th. Funnie calls on some of Nerdcore’s big hitters to help him tell the story of a rapper on the run and a case of mistaken identity. Doug will also be unveiling an indiegogo campaign to help fund a video to accompany the album, check for the latest news.

Malibu Shark Attack – Internal Organs


Pondering love and loss, this is the debut video from a band that straddles both sides of the Atlantic ocean. From their debut self titled album Malibu Shark Attack, front man Tribe One ponders love and loss. Angie McCrisken features on vocals.

Plugged In debuted with Detroit Hip Hop duo The Regiment teaming up with Arizona emcee/producer/game enthusiast Random AKA MegaRan for this year’s ode to video gamers worldwide, the aptly titled A Gamer’s Anthem EP.

Consisting of 6 solid tracks of various production styles combined with thought provoking, rawly delivered lyrics, A Gamer’s Anthem is guaranteed to be the new soundtrack to gamers worldwide; all while appealing to Hip Hop fans of all generations.

Check it out now

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