New Batmobile Spotted In The Wild!

New Batmobile Spotted In The Wild!

Zak Snyder is currently directing the official sequel to Man of Steel entitled Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice set for release in 2016. With filming currently taking place in Detroit, the new Batmobile has been spotted out in the open for the first time.

Snyder had previously tweeted two brief glimpses of the new Batmobile for the film but not much could really be seen of the new vehicle. In recent weeks filming has moved to the streets of Detroit with plenty of paparazzi shots of both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have been surfacing on-line.

It seems that in the next few days/nights, a significant action scene will be shot which includes the new look Batmobile. Several Twitter and Instagram users have posted snaps of the new machine. At last we finally can see what Bruce Wayne’s ride will look like.

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Batmobile, the Tumbler, is going to be hard to beat so let’s see what Zak Snyder has dreamt up.







Well, there’s no denying it certainly looks the part! As most websites seem to agree it seems to take a few notes from the Batmobile found in the 2015 next generation console game, Batman: Arkhum Knight, which you can see below.




But back to the Snyder version for now, are those machine guns on the front? Do the doors really open like that for the film, or is it just for the off screen access? There are hints of military about it but the semi-covers on the wheels would be highly impractical!

I think this is a little bit of over analysing at the moment. The question here is, “Will it look cool on the big screen?” So far the answer is looking like a confident “yes!”.

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