New Pikachu 2DS XL From Nintendo Is Every Pokémon Fan’s Dream

New Pikachu 2DS XL From Nintendo Is Every Pokémon Fan’s Dream

Nintendo release another great handheld variant. Now you can take Pikachu with you wherever you go with this super cute 2DS XL.

We’ve seen a lot of great 3DS variants from Nintendo over the years, our favourites include this gold Legend of Zelda Limited Edition model and this NES skinned variation from a few years back.

Now there’s a new 2DS XL variant of particular interest to Pokémon fans. Sporting the face of Ash Ketchum’s companion, this Pikachu version is super cute.

The Pikachu Nintendo 2DS XL is available to pre-order now for release on January 26th.


Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu

About Nintendo 2DS XL | New Nintendo 2DS XL includes a C Stick and ZL/ZR Buttons, giving expanded control options in compatible games. The C Stick allows for sensitive controls depending on how hard you press.


Improved CPU performance allows for faster loading of applications such as Miiverse, and faster speeds for downloading software.* Upgraded camera functionality lets you take better pictures under dim lighting conditions.


All Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS software can be played on New Nintendo 2DS XL, including New Nintendo 3DS software, in 2D.


Near-field communication (NFC) is built into the lower screen. If you touch an amiibo (sold separately) against it while enjoying compatible software, you can read and write data on the amiibo and enhance your games in surprising new ways!

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