New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Reveals A Young Spock

New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Reveals A Young Spock

The second trailer for season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery is filled with excitement, adventure and Spock!

During the panel for Star Trek: Discovery at this year’s New York Comic Con this weekend, CBS unveiled a new trailer to promote season two which will air January next year.

Whilst a lot of the footage is the same as the first trailer released during the San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, there are some notable differences including out first look at a younger Spock played by Ethan Speck. In fact, it is Spock’s own words that play out as the trailer comes to an end, 

“As a child, I had the same vision again and again. Now I understand its meaning, and where it must lead.“

In season 2, the Federation sensors have picked up seven red bursts, spread out across more than 30,000 light years. From the information presented by the trailer, Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise (the captain before Kirk) has taken control of the USS Discovery in order to investigate these red bursts.

Spock is somehow tied to this event and has taken leave of the USS Enterprise to pursue his own investigation.

With both trailers making references to red angels with images of winged beings, the producers have stated that season 2 will deal with the intersection of science and faith.

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery will begin on January 17th in the US on CBS All Access and Netflix everywhere else.



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