Nintendo Themed Vans Will Leave Your Wallet Empty

Nintendo Themed Vans Will Leave Your Wallet Empty

Shoe manufacturer Vans are synonymous with skateboarding style but this summer they’re getting their game on – Nintendo style!

We’ve seen any number of home-brew Etsy sold gaming canvas shoes over the years and we’ve even seen official Sega slip-ons from Japan. Now we’re getting some legitimately licenses Nintendo footwear ready for us to flaunt our nerd cred this summer. My wallet feels the strain already.

Vans have teamed up with Nintendo to create a range of footwear featuring a number of properties from the games giant. The designs hark back to retro themes which will incorporate Mario, Duck Hunt, Zelda and Donkey Kong amongst other iconic Nintendo gaming imagery on a range of low and hi-top sneakers.

The news comes from a German online footwear store who state that the Vans x Nintendo collaboration edition shoes will hit stores from June this year. There’s no official word from Vans or Nintendo at this time but I’m very excited by this news, and also that it’s coming out of Europe. So many times great clothing and footwear tie-ins have been cost prohibitive for those of us in Britain due to the exorbitant shipping costs from America or Japan.

My personal favourites are hi-tops adorned with multiple NES controllers, but I have to admit to a sneaking admiration for the Princess Peach editions. Tell us in the comments what you think and which pair is on your want list.

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