Noel Clarke Turns His Hand To Comics With The Troop

Noel Clarke Turns His Hand To Comics With The Troop

Famous for writing Kidulthood, his appearances on Doctor Who and a significant role in Star Trek Into Darkness, Noel Clarke now reveals his comic book The Troop.

Noel Clarke: Writer, producer, director, actor and now comic book creator. Many will know him for his role as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who, but Clarke earned credibility as a writer for his film Kidulthood in 2006 and went on to direct the 2008 sequel Adulthood before landing a significant role in Star Trek Into Darkness. Now he teams up with Titan Comics and rising talent, artist Joshua Cassara for a hero teen team-up comic called The Troop which is set to open a few eyes.

Clarke describes the series as “Taking teen teams where they should, but have never dared to go before! In life shit happens. People F-up in many different ways and have to deal with that. In this book they will, except you’ll see it in all it’s punch-to-the-face glory!“.

The Troop hits comic book shop shelves in December this year. Until then, here’s a teaser trailer of what to expect.

The Troop #1

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