North America Celebrates 20 Years Of PlayStation

North America Celebrates 20 Years Of PlayStation

A little over nine months behind Japan, twenty years ago today north America fell in love with the PlayStation.

We paid tribute to the 20th anniversary of Sony’s classic original PlayStation and it’s worldwide debut in Japan back in December of 2014. Now North America pays tribute to this stalwart of gaming. Twenty years ago today on the 9th of September 1995, Sony released their first major console onto the American market that had been dominated for years by Nintendo and SEGA.

Effectively hammering the nail in the coffin of the SEGA Saturn and overtaking the Nintendo 64 in sales the PlayStation can even boast, as the newly redesigned PSOne, outselling its predecessor in the first year of sales for the PlayStation2. The brand has built on this incredible foundation to become a market leader with each successive model up to the most recent PS4.

To mark the occasion Sid Shuman from Playstation.Blog unboxes a rare original sealed unit. Do you still have your original PlayStation? What are your memories of this classic console? Drop us a comment.


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