Now YOU Can Be Mad Max! Check Out This Game Footage!

Now YOU Can Be Mad Max! Check Out This Game Footage!

Mad Max: Fury Road see’s the titular character return to our big screens after an absence of thirty years. Now you can actually become Max in this new film tie-in from Warner Bros Games.

Usually film tie-in games are disappointing affairs that reveal themselves to be very average products that have been produced to help promote the title their based upon. Sometimes however, one comes along that is actually a decent game.

This explanatory game trailer reveals the open world nature of the Mad Max video game. Not only do you have to survive and upgrade your character but also your vehicle as well.

The game has been developed by Avalanche, the creators of the popular ‘Just Cause’ series of games which are known for their open world type game-play and then fun you can have within that environment.

Title: Mad Max | Release Date: 15th September | Formats: XboxOne, Playstation 4 & PC


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