Old School Effects In Harbinger Down | Trailer

Old School Effects In Harbinger Down | Trailer

With computer generated imagery now taking the lead in Hollywood films, special effects company Amalgamated Dynamics have hit back with a science fiction horror story utilising full practical effects.

Amalgamated Dynamics were hired by Universal Studios to create the practical alien effects for the ‘The Thing’ prequel released in 2011. However after the films release, Amalgamated Dynamics was disheartened to discover that nearly all of their work had been replaced with CGI and this wasn’t the first time it had happened either.

After numerous fan requests asking about what happened to their original work, Amalgamated Dynamics uploaded behind the scenes videos to their YouTube account which generated a big response. Spurred on by this they released further videos such as their unused work for the original Spider-Man film (What Could Have Been #1 – Spider-Man) which recieved yet more positive responses from fans.

They decided to pursue their dream and create their own film using practical effects which they did with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

In ‘Harbinger Down’, a group of students are studying the effects of global warming on a group of Orca whales whilst travelling on the ship which bears the films title. The crew discover a block of frozen ice in the ocean and after careful study they discover it contains alien DNA.

The film has opened in limited US cinemas and is available to watch now via various VOD services.

Title: Harbinger Down | Release Date US: Limited Theatrical / VOD Service | UK: TBA



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