OMG! The Nintendo PlayStation Is Up And Running!

OMG! The Nintendo PlayStation Is Up And Running!

The Nintendo PlayStation is real…and it works! Father and son travel to Hong Kong to display the prototype technology.

Back in July of 2015, we ran a story about the amazing discovery of a prototype games console which was the collaboration between Nintendo and Sony. The project was intended to create a CD-ROM drive for the Super Nintendo (aka Super Famicom in the US).


When Dan Diebold, the owner of the ‘Nintendo PlayStation’, which had been bought at a bankruptcy auction by his father Terry, showed the unit to the world via YouTube, the majority thought it was an elaborate hoax.

Terry and Dan were invited to the Hong Kong retro game expo where an expert would first check the console over before powering it up to make sure they wouldn’t fry the device by accident.

Much to everyone’s delight, the console is a fully functioning Super Nintendo console but unfortunately the sound doesn’t work and the CD-ROM drive appears to be disabled. Check out this video to see the console in action.

Thanks to Engadget for the story.

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