Our first tease of the huge Mortal Engines!

Our first tease of the huge Mortal Engines!

Set in an apocalyptic future, Mortal Engines is the tale of entire cities given engines and wheels!

First published in 2001, Mortal Engines written by Philip Reeve is the first young adult novel from a set of four set in a future apocalyptic Earth.

In the aftermath of a nuclear war, the city of London was given an engine and a set of wheels. This enables the city to travel and devour other cities for their valuable resources which are becoming increasingly scarce.

Peter Jackson, the director famous for The Lord of the Rings saga, announced his intention to translate this story to film in 2009.

Jackson will be producing Mortal Engines and has also co-written the script with his regular writing team of Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens who all worked together on the Lord of the Rings films as well as Lovely Bones and the King Kong remake.

Mortal Engines will be directed by Christian Rivers who first met Jackson as a 17-year-old boy. He has since worked on many of Jackson films in storyboarding, special and visual effects, and the second unit directing on the Hobbit films and most recently Pete’s Dragon.

This is a very early tease as the finished film won’t hit our cinema screens for another year! The concept sounds bonkers but this early look has me very interested already.

Title: Mortal Engines

Release | US: 14th December | UK: 14th December | World: IMDb


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