Pacific Rim | Become A Jaeger Pilot In 360 Degree Video

Pacific Rim | Become A Jaeger Pilot In 360 Degree Video

Here’s something unique for fans of Pacific Rim from Legendary VR. Get inside the head of Gipsy Danger.

Head over to the Legendary Pictures YouTube channel and you can immerse yourself into the world of Pacific Rim and witness in 360 Degrees a pilot’s eye view from within the Conn-Pod of 250 foot Jaeger, Gipsy Danger.

Inspired by the thrilling movie Pacific Rim, this official 360 video from Legendary VR will enable you to look around the Conn-Pod of the 250-foot Jaeger named Gipsy Danger, as you do battle against the Category-3 kaiju codenamed Knifehead. Good luck, recruit. You’ll need it.

From personal experience the video works best on a touchscreen device (phone or tablet). This clever marketing tool also alludes to the forthcoming Pacific Rim sequel due in cinemas in 2017.

Will Harrison

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