Parisian “Photographist” Brings Star Wars To Life [Photo Set]

Parisian “Photographist” Brings Star Wars To Life [Photo Set]

Photographer, Laurent Pons, imagines a Paris where Star Wars droids and spacecraft are just part of the scenery.

Paris, France // Describing himself as a “Photographist’, Parisian artist Laurent Pons blends urban scenes with composites featuring Star Wars toys and figures. A little bit of photoshop magic sets the images giving the French capital the feel of a Galaxy far, far away…

Towering AT-ATs stand alongside the Eiffel Tower whilst the Millennium Falcon hovers over the river Seine.

Pons describes his inspiration and passion (forgive the rough translation):

“Like a lot of people of my generation, I wanted to introduce my child to this passion about ten years ago. I started offering my son Star Wars ships and we played together to repaint them, trying to reproduce this famous patina, so characteristic of the world of the first trilogy. I then staged and photographed the models of my son according to the situations, my travels and especially in Paris. I then created original images without trying to respect the cinematographic context of the staged subjects “

More images from Laurent Pons can be seen at including K2-SO and R2-D2 in New York along with a series of superhero inspired works. More traditional photography can also be found here.

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