Pixar Tease A “What if” With ‘The Good Dinosaur’

Pixar Tease A “What if” With ‘The Good Dinosaur’

Pixar release the first teaser trailer for their second outing this year with ‘The Good Dinosaur’. The story of a dinosaur befriending a young cave boy named Spot.

As you’ll see from the teaser, the whole premise of this film is based on the principle of a ‘what if…” scenario. In ‘The Good Dinosaur’ this scenario is what could happen if the dinosaurs weren’t wiped out by a meteorite all those millions of years ago.

This film has been delayed for just over a year due to the original director Bob Peterson not being able to figure out the complete story. He was removed from the project and replaced by Peter Sohn and other Pixar directors, including John Lasseter, who stepped in to help finish the film.

Actor John Lithgow whose voice will appear in the film said the film had been dismantled and “completely reimagined”.

Title: The Good Dinosaur | Release Date US: 25th November | UK: 27th November





Will this be another huge Pixar success or merely mediocre? Contact us via Twitter, Facebook or use the comments box below to let us know your thoughts. The best ones will be read out in the next Betamax and Laserdisc, The Unheard Nerd’s TV and movie podcast.

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