Pokémon Go…Not Just For Humans!

Pokémon Go…Not Just For Humans!

Pokémon Go has attracted a worldwide audience and if this film is to be believed, visitors from even further afield!

Pokémon Go, the popular mobile phone gaming sensation from Niantic has been a worldwide hit. It has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times and broken several gaming records.

The game uses augmented reality to allow the player to traverse their real life surroundings and capture the small battle creatures known as Pokémon. The game has been praised for getting children to go outside and have fun, even though there still staring at a phone screen most of the time.

There were also reports in the media of people taking the game too seriously and not taking any notice of where they’re going!

This short film entitled Pokémon Gone mashes together both Pokémon Go and another classic science fiction film monster that also enjoys the hunt. To say any more would spoil the video (Despite the fact the cover image gives it away!) Yes, it may be rather silly, but hopefully you’ll find it humourous too.


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