Pokémon GO’s Easter Event Is All About The Eggs

Pokémon GO’s Easter Event Is All About The Eggs

Pokémon GO’s Eggstravaganza is live and ties in nicely with the Easter holidays as players get more variety from their 2K eggs.

Niantic, the makers of the augmented reality monster-catching app Pokémon GO, love to throw an event around public holidays and celebrations. Easter is no exception.

Between now and April 20th the ‘Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza’ is live giving players greater XP, more candy and more variety from 2K eggs. Here’s the lowdown:

2K Eggs | The egg you can hatch by walking to the newsagents and back will produce a wider variety of Pokémon. Work less for greater reward.

Extra Candies | “I want candy” plays in the background. Eggs won’t just dispatch different Pokémon, you’ll also get more candy, just like Easter eggs.

Double XP | Your trio of bonuses is completed with double Experience Points too making it easier to level up.

We see what you did there Niantic! Hatching eggs relies on having incubators to put them in, incubators are not available in abundance from Pokéstops (at least not here in London).

Call me a cynic, great rewards from 2K eggs for Easter equals increased sales of incubators as in-app purchases as faithful fans (literally) buy into the event. Shrewd, very shrewd.

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