Pokémon GO’s Halloween Event Is On

Pokémon GO’s Halloween Event Is On

Pokémon GO is getting spooky for the Halloween season with costumed Pikachu and new 3rd Generation additions to the game.

Ghoulish Pokémon will be taking over your neighbourhoods this Halloween as the popular augmented reality game unleashes it’s seasonal spooky event.

Ghastly, Zubat, Murkrow and many of your favourite little ghouls are popping up all over the place as Pokémon GO launches its second annual Halloween event. Pikachu also gets another costume to mark the occasion, this time in the form of a little witches hat.

Speaking of hats, there’s a special one available now for you too, well, your avatar anyway. You can dress your character in Mimikyu’s Disguise Hat, or stick with the Magikarp beanie… whichever.

There are lots of double candy rewards to be had for catching, hatching and transferring and your buddy will earn candy twice as fast throughout the duration of the event.

Here’s the most exciting part. Halloween also marks the start of the introduction of 3rd Gen Pokémon. Available from October 20th are spooky Pokémon – Dusclops, Sableye, Banette, Shuppet and more – all discovered in the Hoenn Region.

More Pokémon found in the Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire video games will begin to appear in Pokémon GO from early December.

For all the information and to keep up to date with all things Pokémon GO check out pokemongolive.com

Pokémon GO Halloween

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