Pokemon20 Super Bowl Commercial

Pokemon20 Super Bowl Commercial

Pokemon is 20 years old? How is that even possible! Join the celebrations and marvel at this epic Pokemon20 Super Bowl commercial.

Grey hair? Check. Mortgage? Check. Wife and kids? Check. Pokemon is twenty years old! Yep, I’m getting on.

When the Pokemon animated cartoon first made it onto U.K. televisions screens I was already too old for it… didn’t stop me watching it though. Whilst I was never a huge fan, and haven’t played the games, collected the toys or delved into the fandom in any other way, Pokemon remains fondly remembered in my past and thrives around the globe with a permanent mark in cultural history.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri and launched in 1996 the word Pokemon loosely translates to ‘Pocket Monsters‘ and gained traction with the release of two Game Boy games in the mid-nineties. Subsequent trading card games, television shows, comics and movies have raised the franchise into one of the most recognisable across the globe.

For the complete novice the premise is simple. There are fictional characters called Pokemon which humans capture and train to fight. It sounds barbaric but these little guys are pretty cute for the most part. Easily the most famous is Pikachu.

The Super Bowl has long been THE prime time slot for advertisers attracting viewers in their millions from around the globe. To celebrate twenty years of the franchise there’s a special Pokemon commercial too, and it is mighty impressive.

That’s not all. Further celebrations are taking part all over social media with fans encouraged to share their favourite moments and tributes to the fandom by using #Pokemon20. There are prizes to be won and a whole load more information over at pokemon20.com. Get involved.

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