PREMIERE | Marc With a C – Epic Fail | Video

PREMIERE | Marc With a C – Epic Fail | Video

Marc With a C, our favourite pop rocker with nerdy tendencies, has charged us with premiering his new video for the song Epic Fail. We must not mess this up!

The album ‘Unicorns Get More Bacon’ has been out for a little over six months at this point, and if you haven’t already you should be heading over to bandcamp with the intention of downloading and/or ordering a physical copy. The album from Marc With a C is arguably his most accomplished to date bursting with singalong pop tunes flavoured with his unique take on life and tinged with sarcasm.

‘Epic Fail’ is the fourth single from ‘Unicorns Get More Bacon’ to receive a video. This one is created by Tim Labonte and features a perceived undesirable getting his comeuppance – video game style – at the hands of, and under the control of, a couple of kids.

If you like Marc’s work consider signing up and supporting him at his patreon page.

About Marc With a C | Marc With a C is the musical identity of Marc Sirdoreus. He was born at a very young age. Marc makes pop music in small, DIY ways, cobbling together any available instruments and recording gear to capture the excitement of the moment – but only using enough sound to serve the song itself. Marc is a prolific songwriter that rarely tours. Folks can expect oodles of sarcasm, sweaty pop workouts, singalongs and stories that sometimes have a point.

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