PremRock & Fresh Kils | Play On, Band (Live) | Video

PremRock & Fresh Kils | Play On, Band (Live) | Video

PremRock and Fresh Kils drops a second live video from their latest release ‘Leave In Tact’. ‘Play On, Band’ fused jazz and hip-hop.

‘Leave In Tact’ is the latest album from PremRock and Fresh Kils. The fourteen track release features the pair’s mellow approach to hip-hop influenced by a wide range of musical influences. Fresh Kils lends his skill on the MPC whilst PremRock’s dulcet rap tones provide the lyrical dynamic.

Both ‘Play On, Band’ and ‘Broken Hallelujah’, featured in their last live video, can be found on ‘Leave In Tact’ which is available to purchase now via Urbnet.

About PremRock | PremRock is an independent hip-hop recording artist, performer and writer. Influenced by Tom Waits as much as Kool G rap and equal parts Hemingway and Nina Simone his style and general demeanor channels the greats of all avenues. After successfully booking three European tours and recording two studio albums the young artist is working on multiple follow-up projects both domestically and overseas.
About Fresh Kils | From behind the boards to the stage, there’s not a spot of ground Fresh Kils’ prolific career hasn’t touched. And not just hip hop. It’s true, you’ll see Saigon and Ali Shaheed (ATCQ) grace his resume, but you’ll also find the likes of Ron Sexsmith & The Buena Vista Social Club. His prowess on the MPC has seen him share the stage with many of hip hop’s legends (Nas, De La Soul) as well as the best of the underground. With momentum & accolades growing each year, Fresh Kils’ is poised for a sound system takeover unlike any we’ve seen in a long time. You’ve been warned…

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