Raspberry Pi go offline with their first bricks and mortar store

Raspberry Pi go offline with their first bricks and mortar store

The Raspberry Pi foundation are hoping to inspire consumers to try projects on show in their first ever IRL store.

Uses for Raspberry Pi single-board computers are countless. Launched almost seven years ago, these low-cost units, comprising of little more than a chip-board and some ports, have proven to be a phenomenon with an emphasis on being creative and inventive.

In a bid to inspire new users to try building and start coding their own projects The Raspberry Pi foundation have taken the bold step of opening their first physical store in Cambridge, England.

The site of the store, in the Grand Arcade shopping centre, is fitting. Cambridge is where the company was formed and continues to operates from to this day. 

With the opening of the shop the foundation hopes to inspire consumers to get hands-on with some of the many projects that can be created with a Raspberry Pi, then get home and create something.

To mark the occasion there will be a new starter kit, initially only available in-store. Costing £80 the starter bundle will include everything you need to get programming. Most importantly you’ll get the latest Raspberry Pi Model B+, a mouse, keyboard, SD card, power supply and HDMI cable along with a book offering entry level tips. The offer will be rolled out online soon.

Though Raspberry Pi components have been available to buy from (now defunct) Maplins stores and other specialist outlets, the majority of the 19 million units sold have been through online purchases. A bricks and mortar store feels more like a showcase loss-leader than a shrewd business decision, but it’s one we can certainly get behind.

What projects have you created with your Pi? Let us know in the comment or via social media.

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