Ready Player One Continues UK Filming

Ready Player One Continues UK Filming

Ready Player One is filming in the UK and The Unheard Nerd’s film writer caught a peek of the progress.

Eric Cline’s first novel, Ready Player One was a big hit to people of my generation. Filled with references to many films, television shows and video games of the 1980’s, it was a lot of fun to read. You can read my review of the book here.

The book’s plot is set within a virtual world known as the OASIS. A young Wade Watts is searching this virtual universe for hidden easter eggs which were left by the OASIS creator, the late James Halliday.

Whoever finds all of the eggs and can unlock the final key, will be granted ownership of the OASIS and Halliday’s huge fortune.

The book was soon snapped up for a film adaptation and is currently being directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s going to be interesting to see how he handles the adaptation as the book references so many of Spielberg’s own works.

Filming was spotted in early September in Birmingham, UK. A street was redressed to look like a futuristic slum and several vehicles were spotted in a chase scene. Pictures and videos of the filming can be found quickly and easy with a Google Search.

Today, I saw two of these vehicles just outside Leavesden Studios which is situated North West of central London.

Here is the vehicle belonging to the character Samantha Evelyn Cook, a girl also on the hunt for the easter eggs.

Ready Player One

The second vehicle belongs to the IOI (Innovative Online Industries), who wish to take control of the OASIS and monetize the system.

Ready Player One


During the course of my working day, I also drove past Leavesden Studios itself. As a film nerd, I’m always trying to peak around fences to see what I can discover. As I drove past, I saw the following sight. In fact, I drove around again, parked up and took these photos on my phone at maximum zoom.

Anyone who’s read the book, or even seen the cover will recognise these as the huge tower blocks of stacked caravans where out hero, Wade Watts, resides. These blocks are depicted as being much taller and I presume this real life set will be enhanced via CGI.

Here is the original artwork.

Ready Player One

This is what I saw today.

Ready Player One


I’m surprised no-one else has noticed these stacks as they are easy to spot as you drive around the studio site, especially if you’re on a neighbouring hill. I guess not everyone knows what they are!

Ready Player One is set for release in March 2018.


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