Ready Player One Needs Your 3D Avatar!

Ready Player One Needs Your 3D Avatar!

Are you a 3D modeller? The film production team for Ready Player One needs your help!

In a video posted recently, the author of Ready Player One, Ernest Cline, invites 3D modellers to help out in the production for the upcoming film adaptation of his book.

Released in 2011, the book was a huge success and I reviewed the book last year. You can read that review right here. Steven Spielberg has signed to direct the film with production due to start very soon.

In this video from Talenthouse who according to their Facebook page,

“Talenthouse is a global creative community that gives artists opportunities to be seen, heard and compensated.”,

author Ernest Cline invites 3D modeller artists to submit original designs for wacky, crazy digital avatars that may be used in the final movie.



If your design is used, you’ll receive $1000 for your efforts and you will waive all IP rights for your work. This basically means the movie studio will own your submitted work and retain any money made from using the material.

When I found this story on my Facebook stream, it was very interesting scrolling through and reading the comments made various digital artists. It appears that this idea hasn’t been very well received as you’ll see from the examples I’ve included below.

If your still interested, there’s just under a month to go if you want to submit your design and you can find all the details here.

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