This Red Dwarf LEGO Ideas Concept Needs Your Backing!

This Red Dwarf LEGO Ideas Concept Needs Your Backing!

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be right back with my wallet! Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and the Cat could be immortalised in LEGO if this concept is successful.

Creator Legobob32 has based his LEGO Ideas concept on British cult comedy sci-fi series Red Dwarf.

Featuring each of the main cast members minifigs have been created for ‘Lister’, Earth’s last surviving human, ‘Arnold J Rimmer’, a hologram of Lister’s supervising crew-mate, the domestic android ‘Kryten’ and ‘The Cat’, a life form evolved from the mining ship Red Dwarf’s ship’s… er… cat!

There are also figures for Rimmer’s altar-ego ‘Ace Rimmer’ as well as fan favourite (and my personal favourite from this set) ‘Dwayne Dibley’, The Cat with all his cool removed.

Red Dwarf LEGO

Rather than a faithful recreation of any single moment in the history of Red Dwarf, Legobob32 has opted to bring together his favourite elements of the show across ten seasons. It’s for this reason that the set features the red bunk bed setting of Lister and Rimmer’s quarters from season ten, the Holly Hop drive from season two along with the male version of the ship’s I.Q. challenged computer ‘Holly’.

There’s even an impressive model of one of the craft found aboard the Red Dwarf, the Blue Midget. Sadly there’s no Starbug, but maybe that’s a set for another day.

Red Dwarf LEGO

Legobob’s Red Dwarf set has 1095 supporters at time of writing but it’ll need to gain a lot more traction to reach the 10,000 needed for LEGO to give serious consideration to the set becoming a reality.

If you like this concept and fancy lending your support, head on over to the LEGO Ideas page where you can show you can back the project for free and you’ll find many other cool projects looking to make it to the manufacturing process.

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