Relive Those VIrtual Boy Memories Without The Headache!

Relive Those VIrtual Boy Memories Without The Headache!

One smart Reddit user has discovered a way to relive those 3D Virtual Boy memories. Hang on, what memories?

The Nintendo Virtual Boy was a spectacularly failed console that in truth was probably a little too far ahead of its time. The unit was only released in Japan and US in 1995, for just shy of $180.

Marketed as the first truly portable games system with 3D graphics the system was really anything but. Two red LED screens provided the left and right eye displays mounted in a bulky red and black headset. The whole setup is rather bulky and probably only has the portable claim as the system could run on regular batteries as well as plugged into a mains power supply.



Because of the use of red LED screens to generate the 3D view, all games were similar to the original Gameboy display but used scales of red rather than grey.




Only twenty-two games were released in Japan with fourteen of those making it across to the American market.

The other major disadvantage was the also the system’s main selling point, the 3D effect. Users complained of motion sickness and headaches after using the system for short periods of time.

Fast forward to the present day and Reddit user, The-King-of-Spain, has discovered a way to relieve the Virtual Boy system without all the fuss, equipment and headaches.

Using an Android phone, Google Cardboard and a copy of the RetroArch emulator you can now play all those Virtual Boy games again without the headaches. There’s also an option to play the system in shades of grey rather than the systems original red colour as well.

You can find all the instructions over at the original Reddit post.

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