Review | Inside Out

Review | Inside Out

When an eleven year old girl moves from Minnesota to San Francisco, her world is turned upside down. Her emotions are lost and confused, as you’ll see quite literally in Pixar’s Inside Out.

Back in the 1980’s I used to read a British comic called The Dandy. Within its pages was a strip called The Numbskulls. This depicted the everyday life of a man but we could see the internal workings of his head.

There were little men that were in charge of different departments, for example, the driver sitting at the eyes with a steering wheel, the worker who has to shovel food from the mouth and into the throat or the leader sitting at the brain feeding it ideas and thoughts.

Pixar’s latest film follows a similar idea except the characters reside inside the mind of Riley, an eleven year old girl. The emotions of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust have all been conceptualized into physical characters.

The five emotions have been looking after Riley ever since she was born. They are primarily in charge of keeping her happy and safe each day and her memories are stored in special spheres.

Five of her most important memories are known as the core memories and it is these which define her personality and the way she behaves.

When Sadness becomes too curious and starts to touch things she shouldn’t, there’s chaos in the control room. The situation gets out of control and in an accident, the core memories are sent away to be stored in long term storage. Unfortunately Sadness and Joy are accidently sent along with them too.

Will Fear, Anger and Disgust be able to control Riley whilst the others are gone? Will Joy and Sadness be able to make it back to headquarters and restore the core memories?

It’s hard not to like a Pixar film. Admittedly Cars is the least liked, but even that grows on you when you have to watch it over and over again. (Thanks to my two young sons for that!) In my opinion Pixar can’t make a bad film and Inside Out is no exception.

Pixar films are known for their high quality productions and ‘Inside Out’ continues this tradition. The film is very colourful and the inside of Riley’s mind has been brought to life with beautiful renditions. You’ll get to see the dream studios, imaginary world and even the dark corners of the subconscious.

Of course all of this would be meaningless with a good story and I’ve seen enough DVD extras from Pixar to know that the story for them is the most important aspect about making any film.

The story focuses on three areas. Primarily the story is of Joy and Sadness trying to return to headquarters. Secondly you have the rest of the emotions trying to keep Riley’s life in order. Finally you’ll see how all of these emotional problems affect Riley and her world.

This isn’t just an adventure story though as by the end they’ll definitely be moments where your heartstrings are tugged upon and you’ll be feeling several emotions of your own.

I love Pixar and ‘Inside Out’ is another great film to add to their roster, highly recommended viewing.

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