Rumoured SNES Classic Surprises No One

Rumoured SNES Classic Surprises No One

Reports suggest that Nintendo will have the SNES Classic in stores in time for Christmas.

As Nintendo confirm that production of the highly sought after NES Classic has come to an end it’s little surprise to anyone that the gaming giants have their next product planned. And it’s probably what we all really wanted anyway.

Eurogamer reports that Nintendo have plans for a mini Super Nintendo to be in stores for Christmas 2017. Author of the article, Tom Phillips, claims that “sources close to the company” confirm that a SNES Classic is in the pipeline.

Nintendo Super Famicom

Whilst citing anonymous sources in no way legitimises the story, the probability is that Phillips has made a shrewd move by running a piece that is almost certain to be proven true.

Nintendo confirmed that production of the NES Classic was never intended to be a long-term thing, but given the success of the 8-Bit miniature there was never any doubt in my mind that they wouldn’t apply the same principles to their next generation, 16-Bit Super Nintendo / Super Famicom.

Super Nintendo

Whilst the NES Classic holds a cool, kitsch value, for me the SNES Classic is a much more fun prospect with arguably better games with certainly better graphics to choose from. I’d also expect Nintendo to stick with convention and offer the unit with 30 pre-loaded games.

We’ll await an official announcement with baited breath. And there’s no way I won’t be pre-ordering this one. I just hope Nintendo make enough to meet with demand.

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