SAW Is Ten Years Old And Back In Cinemas

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SAW Is Ten Years Old And Back In Cinemas

The original torture porn movie that paved the way for a genre celebrates it’s tenth anniversary with a short run on the big screen. Did you see SAW the first time around?

Although masochistic horror has been available for decades before SAW hit the big screen, it was this movie along with gore fest Hostel that brought the term torture porn to the mainstream. Ironically the first installment of the movie franchise that spawned no fewer than six sequels wasn’t particularly gorey. The appeal of SAW was the unbearable tension created by an impossible situation which revolved around only two main characters.

It was refreshing in it’s approach to horror filmmaking. Low budget SAW turned a massive profit because it did something no one had done before. Word of mouth was enough to ensure big returns. Now, ten years on, the original SAW film is back in cinemas for a limited time over Halloween. Check your local listings.


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