SEGA Collaborate With PUMA For Sonic Themed Shoes

SEGA Collaborate With PUMA For Sonic Themed Shoes

SEGA and PUMA are collaborating to bring you a new Sonic the Hedgehog inspired shoe. But it won’t be red with a white stripe.

Pop culture shoe collaborations are popping up with increasing frequency and PUMA’s team up with SEGA isn’t the first to come out of the Green Hill Zone.

Last year Japanese company Anippon released an unexpectedly decent pair of kicks that replicated the famous red and white shoes worn by Sonic in the games. SEGA’s long-time nemesis, Nintendo, also enjoyed success with their retro collaboration with skate brand, Vans.


Now PUMA are taking inspiration from SEGA’s mascot with a new product named ‘PUMA X SEGA RS O-SONIC’. It’s not the catchiest name in the world, but fairly descriptive.

A release video pays tribute to Sonic’s quest for speed over the years, but suggests that 2018 is the year that the blue blur will reach top speed and and peak style.

The actual design is pixelated at present, presumably to build anticipation for a big reveal. But it’s clear from what you can see that PUMA’s shoes will not attempt to replicate Sonic’s famous style. Instead the predominantly blue kicks appear to carry styling that borrows from elements of the game.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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