SEGA’s Unique Smutty Advertsing Of The 1990’s

SEGA’s Unique Smutty Advertsing Of The 1990’s

In the 1990’s SEGA teamed up with adult comic Viz to produce some risque advertising!

In the early 1990’s SEGA could do no wrong. The SEGA Megadrive (US – Genesis) was becoming a best seller. It had a two-year lead on the Super Nintendo (US – Famicom) and that was when the 16-bit wars really started.

Advertising back in the 1990’s was allowed to be a lot more risque and a bit naughtier than anything that would be published in today’s magazines. I distinctly remember the advertising for  two games on the ZX Spectrum that featured semi-naked women that wouldn’t dare to be printed today!

SEGA decided to run a series of adverts for their products that only featured in the British comic Viz. This was an adult publication that originated in 1979 featuring comic strips with characters such as Johnny Fartpants, Billy the Fish, The Fat Slags and Buster Gonad – the boy with unfeasibly large testicles.

If you hadn’t of guessed by now, the humour in this publication was often crude, sexual and full of foul language. This obviously hit the right spot with a large percentage of the UK population as it was once the third most popular magazine in the country.

The style of advertising SEGA dreamt up fitted within the pages of Viz perfectly. I can guarantee you won’t see any advertising like this in today’s politically correct environment.


Collection of 20 Sega ads that Virgin ran in the UK comic-magazine “Viz”

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