Shredtek & Zalenka | VPCIII Team Profile

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Shredtek & Zalenka | VPCIII Team Profile

A shocking story helps to seal the bond between this VPCIII team.

Producer: Michael ‘Shredtek’ Lansiquot | Vocalist: Christopher ‘Zalenka’ Large

Shredtek and Zalenka have been making music together since they were about 15 years old, starting with a metal band The Traitor Aspect, then on to Locus Solus. One night before playing a show they witnessed a collision which resulted in a truck smashing into a palm tree, both instantly becoming engulfed in flames. As this event unfolded a near passerby ‘homeless’ man nonchalantly approached the truck, pulled out the passengers, then continued down the road like nothing had happened. Then they played approximately 6 songs of some amazingly (mediocre) thrash music. Fast forward around 8 years and now they make music in whatever genre we want, nerdcore beware.

Clearly pushing the boundaries with their music Zalenka and Shredtek could offer that something different that will gain them favour with the public vote. The danger could be that Zalenka’s vocals may suffer from oppressive production.



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