SkyBlew X SublimeCloud Drop Destined: The Rebirth

SkyBlew X SublimeCloud Drop Destined: The Rebirth

At the beginning of June SkyBlew returned with the single ‘My Dream DeLight’ after a five month absence. Alongside producer SublimeCloud the emcee continues the rebirth.

Continuing his renaissance with an unexpected new EP alongside his frequent collaborator, SublimeCloud. The producer supplies a laid back, organic, jazz feel to the short, seven track release titled Destined: The Rebirth. SkyBlew’s lyrics are upbeat in content and tone, complementing the feel of the music perfectly.

Promising that this is only a taster of what’s to come later in the year it’s well worth keeping an eye on what this skilled North Carolina rapper has to offer.

Destined: The Rebirth is available to download for $5 via bandcamp now.

As a bonus, check out this video of SkyBlew performing his track ‘Flowers’ accompanied by jazz band Small House. The song is a tribute to the legendary late producer Nujabes.

About SkyBlew | SkyBlew, doesn’t want to put himself in a box, so he strays away from putting certain labels on his style. He simply titles it – Painting The Sky,Blew!!! The young artist, also creatively incorporates video game and anime references/themes into his repertoire in a very unique way. It’s all about having fun, spreading LOVE, being yourself & enjoying life!

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