Slender Man Moves From Meme To The Movies | First Trailer & Poster

Slender Man Moves From Meme To The Movies | First Trailer & Poster

Victor Surge created Slender Man as a meme in 2009, now he shares a writing credit for a new film based on the internet phenomenon.

The phenomenon that is Slender Man began as an internet meme created in 2009 by Eric Knudsen aka Victor Surge as part of a Photoshop contest on the Something Awful internet forums.

The menacing, tall, thin, black-suited man has become an iconic image and grasped the imagination of the internet who have expanded on the myth exponentially.

Slender Man

The official poster

Through fan art and fiction, the legend has evolved online, inspired video games and seeped into mainstream media, even inspiring an episode of ‘Law & Order: SVU’.

Disturbingly, the creepy character also became the focus of an attempted murder case when two 12 year old girls from¬†Waukesha, Wisconsin stabbed a classmate nineteen times. When questioned the two attackers stated that they were scared that the Slender Man would kill their families if they didn’t commit the murder.

Slender Man now becomes the focus of a feature film written by David Birke and Victor Surge. Javier Botet (IT) will feature in the titular role whilst an ensemble of fringe actors fill out the cast.

Can you see him?

Slender Man is due for release in cinemas on May 18th in the U.K and North America.

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