SodaStream Say F*ck Plastic Bottles, Enlist The Mountain & Septa

SodaStream Say F*ck Plastic Bottles, Enlist The Mountain & Septa

What the actual f*ck is going on in this advert? SodaStream declare war on plastic bottles with the help of Game of Thrones’ ‘Septa’ and ‘The Mountain’.

No write up could adequately describe what you’re about to see. Game of Thrones characters ‘Septa’ and ‘The Mountain’ cast shame on a poor chap for buying plastic bottles of fizzy drinks rather than using a SodaStream. And like Game of Thrones they don’t spare the course language.

The message from ‘The Mountain’ is simple. Why would anyone carry heavy plastic bottles and risk fucking up the planet when you could use your SodaStream? Personally speaking I’ve always thought of a SodaStream as something of a relic from the ’80s that never tasted quite like the real thing. I do however approve of this kind of advertising.

Funning but with swears. You have been warned.

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