Sonic 25th Anniversary Banner | Building A Theory

Sonic 25th Anniversary Banner | Building A Theory

So, Sonic is 25 years old and according to some he could be making a comeback to celebrate.

Impatient SonicAs we all know, Sonic has been flogged to death for years and part of me just wants to shout “Stop! Stop! He’s already dead!” to all those fans screaming for a new game. Having looked at the logo in a bit more detail though it got me thinking – it looks like a classic level rather than anything 3D and new so could Sega have a trick up their sleeves?

Given the previous evidence it would suggest they were out of any good ideas a long time ago so how do you get Sonic back to the lofty heights he once enjoyed in his heyday? Easy; go back to the style of those original games that everyone loved so much but take a leaf out of Nintendo’s book and have the fans create the content for you. That’s right, I’m suggesting Sega just rip off Nintendo’s Mario Maker and create their own version for the spiky speed freak. What do they have to lose? With such a big interest in the retro game scene nowadays it’s a great way for fans to reminisce, create and share the levels they always wanted to play and help to bring Sonic back to those simpler times. If Sonic were to make a comeback this would be the one for me.

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